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Hi, I’m Katja Elk, certified Martha Beck master life coach, and I’m 
here to help you become the kindconfident and gifted  person you 
are meant to be by using my Heart Cycle Mentoring Program.

 This program is for you if you are tired of missing out on so many precious life experiences because dealing with anxiety and depression is often too much to handle on your own.
Are You Ready 
to Find Relief from the Debilitating Effects of   Anxiety and Depression? 

I know that you have the power within you 
to overcome your suffering due to feeling
overwhelmedanxious and depressed.
I get it. I’ve been there. I can relate to the exhausting search and the often unsatisfying results when it comes to trying to find relief from the painful symptoms caused by anxiety and depression.

Right now, the universe is not just teaching us a hugely valuable lesson in survival, it is also offering us an opportunity to rethink and reset the ways we can heal ourselves, each other and the beautiful planet we live on. 

But how, when everything around us seems to crumble and our levels of anxiety, fear and depression are going through the roof, how, in this time of crisis, can we go about rethinking and resetting our life path?

Using my experience as a certified master life coach, horse trainer and former creative director, I have put together a mentoring program called   
Imagine you truly LOVED yourself!

Imagine you loved yourself enough to make sure that your mind and body are so well taken care of that you can make the timely decisions and take the inspired actions needed to live your most joyful,
spirited and purposeful life.

Imagine you wake up rested and in good 
spirits because you had a good night’s sleep. 

Imagine you feel hopeful, positive and 
motivated, looking forward to the delights and 
the challenges each new day holds for you.

Imagine the deep connection, the joy, the fun 
and the immeasurable pleasure that comes 
from spending time with your loved ones when 
you are fully present and at peace with yourself.

Imagine you could use all of your energy to move forward with your dreams and aspirations, and your visions and goals are starting to take shape.

Imagine the deep sense of satisfaction about a job well done, a plan well executed, a mission accomplished without battling anxiety and depression.

All of these things are possible if you truly love yourself. All of these things are possible if you allow yourself to grow into the kind, confident and gifted person you are in your essence.
and take advantage of this limited time offer! 
When you sign up for the 
Heart Cycles Mentoring Program, you will… 

... enroll in a carefully curated, 
3-month personal growth program 
that will help you find relief from
your anxiety and depression while 
supporting you to grow into the kind, 
confident and gifted person you are 
meant to be.

... receive a digital copy of The 
Heart Cycle Workbook (pdf file) 
that will provide you with the 
curriculum, guided meditations, visualization and breathing exercises as well as beautifully crafted worksheets to enjoy a highly personalized learning experience tailored to your specific journey.

... have 10 (ten) one-on-one 60-minute coaching sessions via phone with me during which we will talk about what you will have discovered about yourself during each of the program steps. You can choose to schedule your calls with me 
either weekly or every other week so 
we can ensure continuity, stay in flow
and keep your momentum going.

... have direct email access to me in 
case you have questions throughout the 
duration of the program.

... have a chance to book additional 
one-on-one coaching sessions with me 
(@ $250/60-minute call) upon completion 
of the Heart Cycle Mentoring Program.

… develop a mindset and a skillset that 
will allow you to see yourself clearly, to 
love and honor yourself, and to show up in the world as the kind, confident and gifted human being you are meant to be for the rest of your life.
Time spent consciously in the here and now 
is one of the most precious things you can give 
to yourself and your loved ones.

Over the course of my own search for a healthier, more peaceful and meaningful life, I found that lots of people live with little awareness of who they are in their essence, how certain key-events in their lives have shaped their identity, what role the ego plays and how to free themselves from the ever-present notion of not being enough.

As a result, they experience long periods of 
stress-induced discomfort and suffering, often 
leading to anxiety, depression, chronic pain 
illness, and/or other mental and physical 
health issues.

This is what I have learned: If you are serious 
about generating meaningful, lasting change 
for yourself, you will need to have a solid plan, 
effective tools and a step-by-step program. And you will need regular, personalized, human support to keep you focused, accountable, motivated  and locked-in with the momentum you’re creating for yourself.

This is what some of my clients have said…

“… working with Katja can change your life.”
“Katja’s highly effective coaching tools include powerful questions, thought-provoking exercises and sharing of high level expertise from her significant base of knowledge. Most compelling was my increasing awareness of what beliefs and behaviors were, or were not, allowing me to achieve my intentions and as a result, how to release stress (in all modalities), improve communication, body language and therefore relationships, and realize my goals. I continue to engage in these practices in my everyday life. I highly recommend working with Katja, it can change your life!”
            — Cheryl Dolan, Executive Communication Coach
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How do I sign up for The Heart Cycle Mentoring Program?

1. To sign up for The Heart Cycle Mentoring Program, please click one of the 'SIGN ME UP' buttons and follow the prompts to choose your preferred payment option. 

2. Within a day you will receive, via email, a Client Intake form which you will be asked to fill out and return prior to your first coaching session. You will also receive the digital Heart Cycle Mentoring Program Workbook via email. 

3. We will coordinate, via email, dates and times for your coaching sessions which will be conducted via phone. You’re on your way! 

What does the Heart Cycle Mentoring Program include?

The Heart Cycle Mentoring Program is a 3-month mentoring program that includes a curated coaching framework with 6 spiritual guidance modules, a beautiful workbook (140 pages, pdf file), worksheets, tools, exercises, guided meditations, and 10 (ten) scheduled 60-minute one-on-one coaching calls.

What kind of payments do you accept?

Please feel free to use the options provided by PayPal. At this point, for a limited time, a one-time payment of $2575 is required prior to enrollment into the program. 

What kind of access will I get to Katja?

For the duration of the 3-month mentoring program, you will have your 10 scheduled one-on-one coaching calls plus email access for questions in between calls.

Do I need any particular type of technical equipment or software  for this program?

All you need is a phone and a laptop or tablet. The workbook is a pdf file that is universally compatible with most digital devices. It is best viewed on a tablet or laptop or any other screen larger than a phone. You may like to print out the worksheets so you can take your time contemplating and writing your answers at your own pace.

Do I need to be a 'horse person' to enjoy and fully benefit from The  Heart Cycle Mentoring Program?

No, this program is for all those of you who enjoy looking at the many beautiful lessons nature can teach us as we continue to learn about ourselves. I happen to love and cherish horses, and I’d like to invite you to enjoy the imagery of the horses, in life and in this book, as living metaphors, as mirrors and as guides to help you (re-)discover who you are in your essence and what you came here to share with the world. 

How can I make sure that this program is right for me? 

Please email me to set up a free 20-minute phone call to find out how this program may support you on your particular journey and to see if we are a good fit for one another.

… depressed …

Do you often feel that life is passing you by, that you’re missing out on not just a lot of the fun, easy, Iight-hearted moments, but also the deeply meaningful events that make our lives so precious and worth living?

Do you feel numb and lifeless, easily irritable, saddened and/or overly reactive to what others may say or do?

Do you feel that, although you are finding some relief through antidepressants and therapy for your symptoms of depression, you are missing a piece of the puzzle and could use some adjunct support to help you feel like ‘you’ again?

Do you experience physical symptoms such as low energy, migraines, frequent colds, insomnia, upset stomach, aches, pains, and/or muscle tension?

Do you often recognize that you are stuck in relentless self-criticism and distorted thoughts but can’t seem to find your way out of them?

Do you often find yourself wanting to just sleep and/or soothe yourself with mind-numbing activities, food, alcohol and/or other behaviors and substances?

Do you regularly struggle to find meaning, joy and purpose in your life?
… anxious …

Do you often experience a heightened sense of fear, helplessness and despair, especially in view of the current turbulent times, but also when there is no imminent threat to your safety and wellbeing?

Do you often feel hijacked by thoughts that make you feel anxious and out of control? (‘Will this virus be the end of the world? Did I leave the oven on? Did I say that the wrong way? Why is everybody so loud? This probably looks too tight on me. What if I don’t get enough sleep? Why does this/everything take so long? Why does nobody listen to me?’)

Do you often feel anxious to receive approval and validation from your partner, boss, parents, friends, colleagues or someone else you hold in high esteem?

Do you often suffer from crushing feelings of self-doubt, uncertainty and fear about your future, potentially disasters, and lost opportunities?

Do you often feel anxious about being anxious? 

Do you think that perfection is the only way to exist and to do things?
Imagine your were truly KIND to yourself.

You would...

… wake up in the morning knowing that you have a plan, support and tools to help you grow into the kind, confident and gifted person you are meant to be.

… take care that your days aren’t overloaded with stressful thoughts, endless chores and impossible to-do lists that leave you physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted.

… listen to yourself with loving kindness, ask for help and allow yourself to be supported on your journey without guilt or shame.

… become a better leader of your own thoughts and manage your emotional reactivity with kindness and compassion.

… enjoy meaningful activities and engagements, giving yourself time and space to rest, regroup and recover before you become overstimulated, tired, anxious and depressed.

… respect and love who you are in your essence and express yourself freely, clearly and with integrity.

… trust yourself to take good care of your needs, your wishes and your dreams before devoting time and energy to care for others.

Imagine your were truly CONFIDENT within yourself.

You would...

… feel at ease and at peace within yourself, knowing that you were born enough.

… walk into any room or situation, believing in yourself and feeling unafraid to share your thoughts, feelings and insights.

… trust that the universe has a very particular plan for you and that you will do your very best to be and do what you came here to be and do.

… have people believe in you, attract positive outcomes and thrive under pressure. 

… keep yourself safe, choose the types of behavior you will and will not tolerate, setting clear boundaries to enforce your choices.

… slow down and assess situations to make timely decisions before taking inspired actions so you can practice your craft without playing small.

… let go of attachment to outcomes, understanding that there are many ways to define success and to manifest your goals.

… acknowledge yourself, rest comfortably within your own sense of satisfaction and depend less and less on external validation.

Imagine you knew and nurtured your truly GIFTED self.

You would...

… know how to get in touch with your core light, the life-affirming energy that connects you with your natural gifts and your innate ability to create.

… honor and cherish your natural gifts whatever they may be — baking, drawing, fostering lizards, writing, knitting, athletics, cooking, singing, parenting, you name it.

… recognize and consciously develop your natural gifts without letting your egoic mind derail your best efforts and intentions. 

… create joyfully, authentically and fearlessly, realize your potential and reap the fruit of your efforts with a sense of peaceful delight and deep fulfillment.

… stop debilitating self-criticism and self-sabotage in its tracks and use your vulnerability as a core strength to express yourself.

… continuously practice and gain mastery of your skills that will allow you to share your gifts with the world at large and/or in your own backyard.

… use your gifts to uplift and connect with others in wholehearted, meaningful ways that allow you to live and love your life to the fullest.

Imagine what you could do with your life if you could alleviate your sense of being overwhelmed, anxious and depressed! 

Imagine what you could do with your life if you were the kind, confident and gifted person you are mean to be!
If you find yourself nodding ‘yes’ to some or all of these questions, take heart and know you’re not alone.

when you sign up for the Heart Cycles Mentoring Program: You will… 

… enroll in a 3-month personal growth program* primarily designed for people who are suffering from anxiety and depression.

… follow the curriculum of the digital workbook called 'The Heart Cycle, What Horses Can Teach Us About Going from Overwhelmed, Anxious and Depressed to Being the Kind, Confident and Gifted People We Are Meant To Be' (140 pages) that includes 6 spiritual guidance modulesbeautifully crafted worksheets, tools, exercises, guided meditations, and 10 (ten)  60-minute one-on-one coaching calls with me scheduled weekly or every other week.

… receive a road map that will guide you through the developmental key-stages of your life, helping you understand the shaping of your identity, the origins and complex dynamics of the ego, as well as the root causes for your current suffering.
It takes TIME (…but not as much as you might think. In fact, ultimately you will ‘make up’ for a lot of lost time.)

Of course, it takes time to rewire your thought patterns, your emotional reactivity and the connected behaviors that no longer serve you. 

To be really clear, it doesn’t take a lot of time every day, but it does take regular, small steps throughout your week to process and practice what you are learning. Your brain and your body will need to be able to absorb, process and use the new information that will help you become more fluid in this new way of being yourself.  

Additional to your step-by-step learning process, The Heart Cycle Mentoring Program will provide you with plenty of very doable tools, effective exercises and meditations to help you create your own new daily habits.  

Just think about the precious time you will gain when you learn how to manage your emotional reactivity and when you will be able to consciously engage with (or disengage from) your thought activities. Think what you will do with the precious time when you will be able to participate in life more fully and in happier, more meaningful ways. 
It takes DEDICATION (…there’s just no way around it.)

It’s true, it takes dedication and the right level of commitment to stick to a program that will produce real growth and lasting change in the ways you feel about yourself, how you make conscious use of your mind and how you show up in the world of form. 

Considering the many areas of improvement in your personal and professional life, your physical health and your mental wellbeing, a 3-month program is a fairly short commitment though, especially when it allows you to take advantage of the highly personalized support you will receive on your journey to becoming the kind, confident and gifted person you are meant to be.

It may take you a bit of soul searching, or you may be ready right now, but the truth is, you will only get as much out of this program as you are willing to put into it — and I’m not just talking about money. Money is just another form of energy. You will need to be willing to invest yourself authentically and fully into this process if you want to give yourself the best chance for a successful transformation. You will know when you are ready. 
It takes an INVESTMENT (…yes, but again, not as much 
as you may think.)

I believe in the old proverb that says that the teacher will show up when the student is ready. This happened to me many times. Sometimes, it was not the right time to make a financial leap, and sometimes it was. You will know — you will feel it in your gut — if this is the right time, the right program, the right teacher, and the right investment for you right now. Trust yourself.

If/when you decide to sign up, I will welcome you with open arms, and I will be so excited to support you on this transformational journey. If you are stressed-out, exhausted and struggling to get through your days and nights in a peaceful manner, you will find great relief, deeper levels of understanding, effective tools and exercises in the gentle step-by-step process of the The Heart Cycle Mentoring Program. You will learn how to fall in love with yourself, you will learn how to get to the root cause of your anxiety and depression, and you will become the creator of your own best life. 

The fee for the 3-month Heart Cycle Mentoring Program is $2575. This is a limited time offer. 
This sounds great, but 

I don’t want to convince you to sign up for something that doesn’t feel right to you. Maybe you don't seem to have enough time for everything you want to do as it is? Maybe you’re already picking up bits and pieces from this book, that retreat, podcast, or yet another online course? Piecing things together, trying to figure out the puzzle all on your own? Taking detours and coming to the same cross roads over and over again? If that is you, then what I have to offer may not be your thing. Your journey may take you on a path that has its own timing and its own wisdom, and if that is the case, happy travels, my friend, I wish you well.

Before you leave though, just a couple of things: This mentoring program is not about changing who you are in your essence. It is about (re-)discovering your true self and about making you more comfortable and more confident in your own skin. 

If you are an introvert, be the uniquely wonderful, quiet, fierce, enchanting introvert that makes you You!

If you are an extrovert, be the uniquely awesome, exuberant, captivating extrovert that makes you You!

If you’re somewhere in between, then be the uniquely gifted, grounded yet genial, charismatic ambivert that makes you You!

This program is not a one-size-fits-all type of overhaul of the awesome person you know you are. It’s about having a very close look at who you are very specifically and how you can move out of your own way to blossom  and step fully into the light of the world. 
… let the horses’ natural wisdom teach 
you how to create a more peaceful yet 
empowered state of being in all areas of 
your life (self-care, boundaries, purpose, 
creativity, professional and personal 
relationships, leadership, etc.).

… go through a number of customized 
exercises, visualizations and guided 
meditations to actively explore and 
verbalize your own personal experiences 
throughout each developmental key-stage as well as engage in new practices  to create lasting change as you move forward on your path. 

… take charge of your inner well-being in order to create a more purposeful, satisfying and peaceful state of being in the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of the outer world.

…(re-)discover your natural gifts and use them with kindnessconfidence   and creativity to serve the world in your own unique ways.

… learn how to satisfy the dissatisfaction within yourself, reduce your cravings for external validation as the only source of fulfillment, and relieve your suffering due to mind-made stories.

… develop a mindset and a skillset that will allow you to see yourself clearly, to love and honor yourself, and to show up in the world as the kind, confident and gifted human being you are meant to be for the rest of your life.

*Note: This program is neither a substitute for a thorough examination of your mental health status nor will it replace any mental health care services you may need. In case you decide that you need therapy by a licensed counselor to help you with your mental health, this program may be helpful as an adjunct modality as it will provide you with an additional opening into understanding yourself better and a wonderful opportunity for a mind-body-spirit reset. 
       The Heart Cycle, What Horses Can Teach Us About Going from Overwhelmed, Anxious and Depressed to Being the Kind, Confident and                                  Gifted People We Are Meant To Be.

What do I mean by kindconfident and gifted
What I mean is that there is a truly kind, truly 
confident, truly gifted and truly lovable version 
of yourself hidden deeply within you. 

Buried beneath feeling overwhelmed, anxious 
and depressed, this lovable version of yourself 
has a right to be heard, seen and loved — first 
and foremost by you — and the time to come 
out of hiding is now
“… joy and insightful intelligence …”
“Katja’s joy and insightful intelligence were a powerful combination to help me get to the heart (and soul) of how I wanted to show up in my life. Outside of our meetings she provided simple practices to help me stay connected to myself. She is a gifted coach with deep wisdom to share about helping you find your own wisdom!”
            — Courtney Kaplan, Director Program Management at Facebook

“… I’m taking chances, I’ve found my voice …”
“Katja has guided me with grace, intuition and brilliance to a much more enlightened, empowered life. I’ve always been very anxious. Working with Katja, I’ve learned a new way of being, going inward, listening to my gut, my intuition. There is a flow now, a 'knowing' about what to do next, in career, in mothering, in relationships. I’m enjoying my work a lot more. There’s a sense of play and trust in my capabilities. I’m presently directing a short film. I’m taking chances, I’ve found my voice, and I really have Katja to thank for that.”
            — Diane Cossa, Actor, Director, Producer

“… revelatory, and liberating …”
"The times I’ve spent learning from Katja and horses have been some of the most joyful, revelatory, and liberating of my life. Her deep understanding of these amazing animals will open your heart, mind, and spirit. Don’t miss out." 
            — Martha Beck, Sociologist, Life Coach, Author, Speaker 

“… getting to the root of the issue …”
"Katja is incredibly gifted at getting to the root of the issue while allowing her students to comfortably join the conversation. She helped me learn how to transition from being in a space of fear and negativity to one of positive change through her gentle yet straightforward guidance." 
            — Janet Conley, VP, Creative Services at MedAccess, Writer
Would you like to chat? 
Please email me to set up a free 20-minute phone call to find out how this program may help you and to see if we are a good fit for one another.
Contact Us
Contact Us
It’s hard to feel fully alive, to participate 
joyfully in any activities and to find a sense of belonging in your community when you are…
… overwhelmed …

Do you often feel that people and life and things are just TOO MUCH?

Do you often feel overwhelmed because you can’t seem to fulfill everybody’s expectations (including your own)?

Do you often feel emotionally exhausted and wear out quickly when it comes to problem solving and conflict resolution issues?

Do you often have trouble going to sleep although you may feel quite tired and mentally fatigued at the end of the day?

Do you often have a hard time concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions?

Do you often feel shame and guilt because you didn’t get to all the things you wish you had done today/this week/this month?
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