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Life Coaching Session 

1 one-hour Life Coaching
 Session via phone
booked as (‘one at a time’) 



6 Life Coaching
   Sessions Package  

6 one-hour Life Coaching Sessions via phone
@ $155/session –

 Total Package $930

You save $20/session


4 Life Coaching
Sessions Package  

4 one-hour Life Coaching Sessions via phone 
@ $165/session -- 

Total Package $660

You save $10/session


… working with Katja can change your life.”
“Katja’s highly effective coaching tools include powerful questions, thought-provoking exercises and sharing of high level expertise from her significant base of knowledge. Most compelling was my increasing awareness of what beliefs and behaviors were, or were not, allowing me to achieve my intentions and as a result, how to release stress (in all modalities), improve communication, body language and therefore relationships, and realize my goals. I continue to engage in these practices in my everyday life. I highly recommend working with Katja, it can change your life!”
— Cheryl Dolan, Executive Communication Coach

“… joy and insightful intelligence …”
“Katja’s joy and insightful intelligence were a powerful combination to help me get to the heart (and soul) of how I wanted to show up in my life. Outside of our meetings she provided simple practices to help me stay connected to myself. She is a gifted coach with deep wisdom to share about helping you find your own wisdom!”
— Courtney Kaplan, Director Program Management at Facebook

“… I’m taking chances, I’ve found my voice …”
“Katja has guided me with grace, intuition and brilliance to a much more enlightened, empowered life. I’ve always been very anxious. Working with Katja, I’ve learned a new way of being, going inward, listening to my gut, my intuition. There is a flow now, a 'knowing' about what to do next, in career, in mothering, in relationships. I’m enjoying my work a lot more. There’s a sense of play and trust in my capabilities. I’m presently directing a short film. I’m taking chances, I’ve found my voice, and I really have Katja to thank for that.”
— Diane Cossa, Actor, Director, Producer

“… revelatory, and liberating …”
"The times I’ve spent learning from Katja and horses have been some of the most joyful, revelatory, and liberating of my life. Her deep understanding of these amazing animals will open your heart, mind, and spirit. Don’t miss out." 
— Martha Beck, Sociologist, Life Coach, Author, Speaker 

“… getting to the root of the issue …”
"Katja is incredibly gifted at getting to the root of the issue while allowing her students to comfortably join the conversation. She helped me learn how to transition from being in a space of fear and negativity to one of positive change through her gentle yet straightforward guidance." 
— Janet Conley, VP, Creative Services at MedAccess, Writer

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