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"Imagining success, we are riding the tip of the arrow for 
all humanity. Not only do we lead our own life in an uplifted way 
but we also uplift the lives of others. This is windhorse — inherent 
trust in the fundamental goodness of what’s happening." 
~~ Sakyong Mipham

Welcome to WindHorse Coaching! 

Photo: Tom Baldwin
My name is Katja Elk. I am a life coach, horse trainer, soul searcher, writer, and an embracer of change.

In parts of Eastern cultures, where horses are 
integral to life, the human spirit is called 
windhorse, and raising his energy is seen as a 
way to stay in balanced harmony with the world. 

As someone who has spent a lot of time working 
with both horses and humans, it is my pleasure 
and my mission to help you raise your windhorse
to become conscious of yourself as an energetically powerful being so you can find your calling, stay your course through the ups and downs of your journey and live your most joyful life. 

You may think, "Yes, that all sounds great, I want 
all these things, but I need to deal with my 'real 
life issues' first."

"What about the headache the situation at work 
with my boss/co-worker/employee is giving me?"

"What about the draining issues I have with my 

"What about feeling mentally side-swiped while 
trying to stay centered in emotionally loaded 
situations anywhere?"

"What about this nagging feeling inside of me that 
tells me something needs to change — but it's just too scary, too hard to do on my own or impossible to believe that it could happen..."

Or, now that you're entering the 'second act' of your life, your kids may have left the house, your professional path may have peaked, retirement may not be all that you hoped it would be — what about the notion that this was it, that this may have been as good as it gets?

The truth is that there will need to be space, time 
and openness on the inside before any of us can 
successfully create change on the outside.

So take a deep breath and give yourself a chance 
to create a shift toward real change. 

Take some time and some space for yourself. 
Learn how to quiet your mind. Learn how to deal 
with your 'real life issues' with much more clarity 
and peace of mind.

I'€™m here to help you dissolve thought patterns that no longer serve you, face obstacles and navigate changes that may seem to keep you from feeling fully alive. I'€™m here to help you uncover your own hidden treasures, become present and find your peace with What Is. 

Horses are great catalysts for change. They are a living metaphor for life and how we deal with it. They can show you how to be in touch with the precious, energetic being you are, how to express your needs, how to set healthy boundaries, how to nurture your natural gifts and how to maintain relationships with integrity, kindness and compassion.

With or without horses, I can help you on your 
journey to becoming the happier, more balanced and 
truly alive person you are meant to be. 

Make the first step toward your most wildly 
improbable, deliciously possible, best life ever! :)​
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One on One

I love working one-on-one with people who are ready for change, who are at a crossroads, who find themselves in a lingering state of almost making a first step toward transformation, or who are just in the beginning stages of knowing that something's gotta give. But it's scary! It's impossible, too late, too early,  and it's just so hard to do it by yourself, right?

So what do you do? Reach out -- dare to come out of your comfort zone just a little -- and get support from someone who knows about change.

Email me and we'll find the perfect time for your first one-on-one phone coaching session. Excited? Then follow your heart and let's find out what delightful new turns your life-path may have in store for you!

And, yes, I'll be happy to work with you even if you're not 
crazy about horses! :)

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