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About WindHorse Coaching
About Katja Elk 
The Short Story

My name is Katja Elk. I am a certified Martha Beck life-coach. I’m also a horse trainer and often work with horses to help people understand their true nature as energetic beings, find their callings and realize their best, most joyful lives.

I love seeing people ‘raise their windhorse’ -- raise their energy to stay in balanced harmony with the world -- and blossom into who they are truly meant to be. I provide services in personal one-on-one coaching sessions on the phone or in person, with or without the help of horses on the ground or under saddle, in teleclasses, workshops, retreats and other forms. 

​The Longer Story

Growing up in Germany I started riding at the age of five, and horses have played a major role in my life ever since. The German history, culture and some of the people who influenced my life throughout my first 26 years gave me some strong flavors to taste, some of them tremendously beautiful, funny, creative and loving, some of them disturbingly violent and sobering, all of them great lessons in life that greatly contributed to shaping the person I am today.

I went to art school in Kiel, Northern Germany, trained horses on the side, worked in clubs, interned in design studios, finished my studies as a communications designer, married an American producer/director, moved to San Francisco and started working as an art director in advertising specializing in medical products and services. Years later I moved to Los Angeles, continuing my work as an art director and creative director for Disney, Paramount and other entertainment companies. After many years of 'all that glitters,' working non-stop, riding horses, traveling the world, a fading marriage and a health downfall later, I went back to Germany for a year of hospital stays and loving care provided by my beloved family and friends, some of my dearest friends and amazing horses, a life-changing introduction to energy work (Reiki), before finally coming back to the living with an enormous sense of gratitude, a whole new sense of myself and appreciation for life.
             Imagining success, we are riding the tip of the arrow for all humanity. Not only 
                  do we lead our own life in an uplifted way but we also uplift the lives of others. 
          This is windhorse – inherent trust in the fundamental goodness of what’s happening. 
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Photo: Susan Honnell
   Sakyong Mipham
I returned to California to work for Monty Roberts, one of the legendary originators of natural horsemanship, for several years. I toured with him internationally, worked with Mustangs and 'remedial' horses (and people) and graduated as an instructor for his methodology. Eventually I moved on to working as an independent horse trainer specializing in Dressage and groundwork. My mission became to provide gentle training solutions for horses and people based on classical Dressage principles and the horse’s natural response system. You can find out more about that part of my life at www.gentlesolutionsdressage.com

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to have gone through the educational program and apprenticeship to become a Martha Beck certified life coach. Martha Beck, renowned master life-coach, monthly columnist for 'O, The Oprah Magazine' and author of many bestselling books, is also a wonderful, personal friend and a most generous mentor of mine. I am currently offering the combination of my background and experiences as a life coach and horse professional to help people wake up to a more 'alive' and whole-hearted life path. I've also also been finding my way into writing essays, blog pieces and have a couple of books in the works.

What I've learned... What I am here to share...

We are all energetic beings. Our purpose of life and our natural state is to be joyful and at peace with our surroundings.

What we think and feel has great influence on how the living universe receives our messages and returns its feed-back.

We are in charge of our energetic life. We can heighten and lower our energy frequencies. We can follow, engage and become One with energies we choose to join.  

Or we can decide not to engage with energies that don’t resonate positively with our vibrational sense of comfort, joy and safety.

Once we become aware of the power of our thoughts and feelings, we can become more playful with these frequencies and enjoy their effects within ourselves and with others.

We can use our natural state of whole-hearted love and abundance to become the most joyful expression of our essential selves. 

We can learn to reclaim our innocence and return to whole-heartedness.

We are free to develop the unique gifts we were given so we can share them and give back to the world what we came here to share. 

             Imagining success, we are riding the tip of the arrow for all humanity. Not only 
                  do we lead our own life in an uplifted way but we also uplift the lives of others. 
          This is windhorse – inherent trust in the fundamental goodness of what’s happening. 
   Sakyong Mipham