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The most exciting twists and best turns are yet to come. And it absolutely does not matter how old                                                         or young you are. Like a bright carpet of wonders, enjoy the unrolling of your story. 

                                                                                                                           Vera Nazarian
Nice things people are saying...

“The times I’ve spent learning from Katja and horses have been some of the most joyful, revelatory, and liberating of my life. Her deep understanding of these amazing animals will open your heart, mind, and spirit. Don’t miss out.” 
 Martha Beck, CA

"Katja is incredibly gifted at getting to the root of the issue while allowing her students to comfortably join the conversation. She helped me learn how to transition from being in a space of fear and negativity to one of positive change through her gentle yet straightforward guidance." — Janet Conley, San Diego, CA

“Katja is not just amazing with her craft, she's also deeply caring and intuitive. She allowed my process to emerge and gently and lovingly held space in a way that someone that truly trusts the process is able to. I will be working with her again and recommend that you do also!”  —Julie Arora, NY

“Katja is a wonderful teacher. She connected with me and supported me in expanding into the kind of heart-centered experience with the horse that I was longing for. “ — Lisa Reid, NM

"Katja blends her considerable knowledge of equine training, management, and dressage with an open, loving heart as a coach. Together, that makes for a powerful recipe. Thank you, Katja, for an exceptionally well prepared set of materials and for giving us so much information, so much value, for the cost of the class."  — Beth Herman, Towson, MD

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Writers, here’s something I’m excited about: 

Martha Beck and guest Elizabeth Gilbert — two of my favorite wise women, authors, creators and transformational guides — are offering a revolutionary writing teleseries called ‘Write Into Light. Find your message. Use your Voice.’

There will be three sessions, and I quote from Martha’s website

Session 1: Be the Truth (March 28-April 26)
This session will ground you in the single most important skill for a writer or a spiritual seeker: peeling away all artifice and accessing your own core truth.”

“Session 2: Be the Change (June 27-July 25)
In this session, you’ll learn that time travel is not only possible, but essential for shaping your own life and guiding others into their own best destiny.”

Session 3: Be the Light (August 29-September 28)
This session teaches you to tap into the most mystical aspects of your psyche, bringing back messages that will lift you and your readers to heightened levels of insight.”

This is a truly ground-breaking opportunity to grow yourself and to learn how to access, express and share your own innate wisdom. As some of you may know, I have been passionate about ‘riding’ (horses, Dressage) and ‘writing’ (blogging, books in progress and other stuff) for a long time. And I’m super-excited and honored to say that I am part of the team that helps facilitate this amazing teleseries. 

See if this is something that speaks to you, and if it does, register soon. This may very well be the doorway that will help you take your creative gifts to a whole new level. Here is the link with more information: http://marthabeck.com/write-into-light/

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Most active horse people and riders know the occasional feeling of disconnection from their horses. It’s interesting to see how the feeling of disconnection is often preceded by a feeling of disconnect from ourselves.

There are two main reasons why we loose touch with 
our essential selves and why, as riders, we may feel disconnected from our horses. 

1. We are not present. We loose ourselves in the constant flow of thoughts that focus on things that either happened in the past or may happen in the future. This is our amygdala, our lizard brain, speaking. It’s easy to get hijacked by this rapid flow of thoughts which will take us into fight-or-flight mode, causing us to feel stressed, overwhelmed, fearful, tense and/or defensive.

2. We believe and identify with our thoughts. If we believe all the thoughts our brain is producing and if we identify with our thoughts we will feel varying degrees of almost constant stress. This is not only compromising our own well-being, it also directly effects the relationship and engagement with our horses. Horses are mirrors of what goes on inside of us. Our mental state of being has a direct impact on how harmonious our interactions will be. 

Does this sound familiar? Let me share with you some techniques that will help you liberate yourself from your own tension-causing thought patterns! Good riding starts in our heads! :)

As a life-long rider, horse trainer and life coach I will guide you toward a more peaceful, productive and ultimately enjoyable riding experience. In the world of riding horses patience and practice are crucial to positive change and progress. A short term investment into building your mental strength will have long-term benefits. I recommend setting up at least four consecutive coaching sessions via phone to get you started on your new path. 

Email me, and we will set up your four consecutive coaching sessions to help you become the happy, confident rider you are meant to be. Your horse will thank you! :)

Rider's Presence Training
4 LC Sessions Package  

4 one-hour Life Coaching Sessions via phone 
@ $145/session -- 

total Package $580  -- You save $10/session
​If you'd rather get started in a group setting...

...here are two more ways you can get started with your Rider's Presence Training: 

1. Find a group of at least 8 committed riders and book a Rider's Presence Practice CLINIC with me at your facility. Email me for details, dates and pricing.

2. Find a group of at least 8 committed riders and book a Rider's Presence Practice TELECLASS  with me. This format is particularly practical because riders from any location can participate. The teleclass consists of 4 live group sessions via conference call that will include lectures, exercises and guided meditations. Email me for details, dates and pricing.
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Riders Presence Training -- Good riding starts in our heads! :)

Do stressful thoughts and feelings get in the way of your riding and progression with your horse?