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WindHorse Coaching Services
Private Life Coaching Sessions Via Phone

Treat yourself and take advantage of life coaching sessions via phone to stay in the flow of your personal growth no matter where you are. Schedule your sessions and call from home, work or wherever you may be while travelling for business or pleasure. 

A typical life coaching session lasts 60 minutes. Before we begin you will be sent a Client Intake form that will serve as a baseline for our upcoming coaching sessions.

To get started you may like to book individual sessions so we can be sure that we are a good match. For more information and to set up your first appointment please email me. 

      The best way to find yourself is to 
                            lose yourself in the service of others.

                                                Mahatma Gandhi

Nice things kind people said…

"I have never felt so cared for while on the back of a massive horse, a 4-legged living metaphor for my massive life. Katja's gentle way guided me into a mindful rhythm with this world that I carry with me every day." -- Mary Beth Schneider, OH

“Katja is not just amazing with her craft, she's also deeply caring and intuitive. She allowed my process to emerge and gently and lovingly held space in a way that someone that truly trusts the process is able to. I will be working with her again and recommend that you do also!”  -- Julie Arora, NY 

“Katja is a wonderful teacher. She connected with me and supported me in expanding into the kind of heart-centered experience with the horse that I was longing for. “ -- Lisa Reid, NM

“They say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I never thought that the teacher would show up in the form of a horse, but during the Riding the Windhorse Workshop that is exactly what happened for me. This large beautiful creature repeatedly reflected back to me what I was projecting into the world. By just being the loving gentle animal that he is, the horse silently, consistently and without judgment mirrored my beliefs and perceptions. It was eye-opening to see the horse contour to my patterns of thoughts. It helped me to realize my patterns and know that I could change those patterns. Katja was a wonderful nurturing guide through this whole process. She has a unique gift to hold the space for someone while they unearth hidden treasures within themselves. Katja's warm hearted nature allowed me to feel safe while exploring myself more deeply. Riding the Windhorse Workshop was an incredible journey where an intricate piece of my knowing shifted inside me to allow my true nature to become clearer and more real. I left the workshop feeling full and happy.” 
-- Michele Sammons, TN



Individual LC Session 

1 one-hour Life Coaching
 Session via phone
booked as (‘one at a time’) 


Private Weekend Retreats, Workshops and Teleclasses

As time permits and upon request, private weekend retreats, workshops, teleclasses and group coachings 
with horses and people at Norths Star Ranch in Central California and other locations are being scheduled. 
For more details please visit NEWS & EVENTS.

To book and reserve a private coaching appointment at North Star Ranch please use one of the the Paypal payment option below:

Riding Lessons and Horse Training

For offsite horse training and instruction please see www.gentlesolutionsdressage.com


4 LC Sessions Package  

4 one-hour Life Coaching Sessions via phone 
@ $145/session -- 

total Package $580

You save $10/session


6-Plus LC Sessions Package  

6 one-hour Life Coaching Sessions via phone
@ $135/session –

 total Package $810

After the 6th phone session, 
ongoing sessions can 
be booked @ $135/session

You save $20/session

​Rider’s Presence Training 

Do stressful thoughts and feelings get in the way 
of your riding and progression with your horse? 

Most active horse people and riders know the occasional feeling of disconnection from their horses. It’s interesting to see how the feeling of disconnection is often preceded by a feeling of disconnect from ourselves.

There are two main reasons why we loose touch with 
our essential selves and why, as riders, we may feel disconnected from our horses. 

1. We are not present. We loose ourselves in the constant flow of thoughts that focus on things that either happened in the past or may happen in the future. This is our amygdala, our lizard brain, speaking. It’s easy to get hijacked by this rapid flow of thoughts which will take us into fight-or-flight mode, causing us to feel stressed, overwhelmed, fearful, tense and/or defensive.

Enlisting a life coach is a modality 
used by many high-functioning, successful individuals who know that their ongoing personal growth greatly enhances their quality of life. 
Contact me. 
It's your time to come fully alive!
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2. We believe and identify with our thoughts. If we believe all the thoughts our brain is producing and if we identify with our thoughts we will feel varying degrees of almost constant stress. This is not only compromising our own well-being, it also directly effects the relationship and engagement with our horses. Horses are mirrors of what goes on inside of us. Our mental state of being has a direct impact on how harmonious our interactions will be. 

Does this sound familiar? Let me share with you some techniques that will help you liberate yourself from your own tension-causing thought patterns! Good riding starts in our heads! :)

As a life-long rider, horse trainer and life coach I will guide you toward a more peaceful, productive and ultimately enjoyable riding experience. In the world of riding horses patience and practice are crucial to positive change and progress. A short term investment into building your mental strength will have long-term benefits. I recommend setting up at least four consecutive coaching sessions via phone to get you started on your new path. 

Email me, and we will set up your four consecutive coaching sessions to help you become the happy, confident rider you are meant to be. Your horse will thank you! :)

Rider's Presence Training
4 LC Sessions Package  

4 one-hour Life Coaching Sessions via phone 
@ $145/session -- 

total Package $580  -- You save $10/session

Private One-on-One Coaching -- Half-Day
Individually booked coaching session with horse(s)
at North Star Ranch with Katja Elk 
@ $650/Half-Day Session 

Private One-on-One Coaching -- Full-Day
Individually booked coaching session with horse(s)
at North Star Ranch with Katja Elk 
@ $1300/Half-Day Session